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Belt Loom Weaving with Straws

You will need:

4 straws

4 80 inch length of yarn

yarn remnants for the weaving


Preparing the loom:

1. Cut four pieces of yarn, each 80 inches long.

2. Cut a 1/2 inch bead from the end of each straw. Slide the bead onto a single strand of the yarn and slide it to the middle of the string.

repeat with each of the remaining 3 pieces of yarn.

3. Bring the ends of the yarn together with the bead at the opposite end. Insert them
into the straw. You will have to “drink” the yarn through the straw. Be careful not to
swallow the yarn. Repeat with the remaining 3 straws.

4. Tie the ends of the yarn together into a loose knot.

5. Knot the end of your weaving yarn to one straw.

Now you are ready to weave!

6. Weave the yarn in and out around the straws. To add more weaving yarn, tie the

new yarn onto the end of previous weaving yarn.

7. When you have done about 3 to 4 inches of weaving, carefully hold onto the
weaving and gently pull the straws up a couple of inches being careful not to pull all
the weaving off the straws.

8. When your weaving reaches about 3 inches from the loosely tied knot of yarn you
are ready to end your weaving.

9. Tie the weaving yarn to a straw. (just like you did to begin the weaving)

10. Carefully pull the straws up as far as possible. Cut the yarn below the bead and
above the straws. Remove the straws.

11. Tie the loose ends of yarn together in a knot.

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